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Clinic Innovation Guide

Products and Services to Enhance Your Veterinary Business

“Innovation” is a word that’s been used ad nauseam — so often that it might have lost meaning for some. Merriam-Webster defines the word as “a new idea, method, or device,” or “the introduction of something new.” In veterinary practice, innovation is critical. It’s an essential part of growth — pioneering advances in pharmaceuticals, diagnostic tools, treatments and services that will improve patient outcomes and, consequently, the lives of people and pets. And every corner of a veterinary practice can benefit from innovation. Whether it’s surgical techniques, billing procedures, or communication strategies, everything adds up when it comes to providing care to your patients and serving your clients. That’s why we developed the Clinic Innovation Guide — a catalog of veterinary products and services that can help you implement more effective, efficient care techniques, product offerings and in-clinic protocols.

Because while innovation can be used as a buzzword without much concrete meaning, veterinary professionals like you seek out the best for your staff, clients and patients.

We hope you find inspiration, tips and techniques that will help your practice. And, among the 37 sponsored products featured below, we know that you’ll find new tools that will benefit your patients.

Veterinary care does not stop when the client and patient walk out of your practice. It’s critical to make a clear, lasting connection with your clients to ensure compliance and regular visits. See if these products and services can lead to more effective communication in your practice.

More pet owners are seeking information and products related to integrative medicine. This is a broad term that includes several different categories, such as rehabilitation, nutrition, physical therapy and more. There are many aspects of integrative medicine that could help improve your patients’ quality of life and strengthen the connection with your clients. Check out these products and solutions that might help you embrace integrative medicine.

There are so many options for pet owners these days — online services, big box stores and more. But your veterinary team has so much to offer — you bring professional, informed and unbiased recommendations to clients with whom you share a personal connection. Do what’s best for your clients by making expert recommendations, and take the next step for your practice by offering these products on site. Here are a few sponsored options that might help you get started.

More and more diagnostic testing options are becoming available for clinicians to access in their practice. From high-quality radiography at your fingertips to a handheld dental imagery solution, these products offer effective, convenient options for your business.

It’s no secret that major advances in telemedicine and artificial intelligence are making an imprint on veterinary medicine — and those are just two examples. Clients are increasingly receptive to harnessing the power of technology to improve the health of their pets, and these options are becoming more convenient and affordable each day. See some options that might help your practice take a leap forward.

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