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Clinic Innovation Guide

Products and Services to Enhance Your Veterinary Business

There has been plenty of talk about pandemic pets, the new normal and COVID-19 protocol. And while the pandemic brought on added contact restrictions, a wave of new clients and added stress from external sources that permeate the clinic, the truth is that these challenges are not new for veterinary professionals. Months down the line, similar stressors will remain in many clinics and hospitals around the world; and in most cases the practice manager sees or feels the impact of any issue at some level.

But there is a silver lining. Veterinary medicine has seen rapid advances in leveraging technology in order to improve outcomes for patients. Now more than ever we are seeing processes become more efficient, communication improve and treatment options advance — even as clients raise expectations. Forward-thinking solutions continue to roll out each day, but now a new problem exists for practitioners and managers: How do you keep up?

We developed the second annual edition of the Clinic Innovation Guide with the hope of being a part of the solution. This issue was designed to offer quick, practical takeaways that can aid readers in improving their work life, clients’ satisfaction and bottom line. The product catalog was developed in order to connect industry with practitioners in a way that highlights the information you need to know.

And this year we introduced a new section titled “Vision Statements.” This series of essays was developed so thought leaders in the industry can explain the heart of their organization. It is our hope that these essays give professionals like you a better understanding of the companies you partner with every day. While this guide may just be a small part of the solution, we hope it offers value so you can take something away and feel better equipped to tackle the challenges of the day.

Veterinary care does not stop when the client and patient walk out of your practice. It’s critical to make a clear, lasting connection with your clients to ensure compliance and regular visits. See if these products and services can lead to more effective communication in your practice.

More pet owners are seeking information and products related to integrative medicine. This is a broad term that includes several different categories, such as rehabilitation, nutrition, physical therapy and more. There are many aspects of integrative medicine that could help improve your patients’ quality of life and strengthen the connection with your clients. Check out these products and solutions that might help you embrace integrative medicine.

There are so many options for pet owners these days — online services, big box stores and more. But your veterinary team has so much to offer — you bring professional, informed and unbiased recommendations to clients with whom you share a personal connection. Do what’s best for your clients by making expert recommendations, and take the next step for your practice by offering these products on site. Here are a few sponsored options that might help you get started.

More and more diagnostic testing options are becoming available for clinicians to access in their practice. From high-quality radiography at your fingertips to a handheld dental imagery solution, these products offer effective, convenient options for your business.

It’s no secret that major advances in telemedicine and artificial intelligence are making an imprint on veterinary medicine — and those are just two examples. Clients are increasingly receptive to harnessing the power of technology to improve the health of their pets, and these options are becoming more convenient and affordable each day. See some options that might help your practice take a leap forward.

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