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Once we accept what’s beyond our control, we get some control back.

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DEA: No More Horsing Around With Xylazine

The equine sedative xylazine is ensnared in a deadly national crisis involving fentanyl trafficking.


Primal Health’s Protektin42 Protects Dogs’ Oral Health

The prize-winning prebiotic water supplement is formulated for daily use at home.

Practice Management

What’s Right and Wrong With Your Website?

An attractive online presence will help you lure new clients and their pets.

Practice Ownership

4 Ways to Own Ownership

You can’t build and grow a successful practice if it doesn’t stand for something.

Veterinary Nursing

From Practices to Podcasts

Beckie Mossor’s career path has taken her from healing patients to educating the next generation of veterinary technicians.

Practice Ownership

3 Benefits of Owning Your Veterinary Hospital

Ownership can have a positive impact on your professional development, finances, and overall well-being.