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3 Insurance Policies Every Veterinarian Should Have

Protect and Defend

The changing face of pet ownership and daily practice has generated additional health care delivery issues.

One significant consequence of the pandemic lockdown was a dramatic increase in the demand for veterinary services due to rising pet purchases and adoptions, people working from home, and pet owners spending more time with their cats and dogs. At the same time, more patients, longer clinic hours, inadequate staffing and a traditional services model […]

property insurance

It’s Personal

Protect and Defend

Make sure your business property — from medical equipment to just about everything not attached to the building — is accounted for and adequately insured.

One of the most commonly underinsured exposures I find when conducting risk-management reviews of veterinary practices involves business personal property. Not surprisingly, business personal property, along with employment practices liability and cyberliability/network security, are three of the more expensive risks from the standpoint of annual insurance premiums and deductibles. Business personal property insurance is a […]

workers' compensation

Managing Workplace Injuries

Protect and Defend

Workers’ compensation insurance is a must-have to protect the business and cover employees’ medical and wage needs.

Veterinary medicine is a dangerous occupation. Whether you are a veterinarian, technician, assistant or kennel attendant, every animal you come into contact with can inflict serious harm. Although veterinary professionals largely take their working environments for granted, the U.S. Department of Labor says the percentage of people injured while delivering veterinary services exceeds the rate […]


Prepare for the Unthinkable

Protect and Defend

Unforeseen violence can happen anywhere, sadly. Do your best to prevent it and always be situationally aware.

Earlier this year, the United States saw multiple mass-casualty events linked to what police commonly call an “active shooter.” A quick Google search noted at least 71 such events since 2011. Unprovoked acts of gun violence are sometimes random and sometimes retaliatory. Businesses, churches, schools, movie theaters, outdoor public events and even military installations have […]

insurance agent

A Crisis Situation

Protect and Defend

The pandemic upended how veterinary care is provided. Make sure your business is adequately protected.

COVID-19, the little virus responsible for so much tragedy, changed our collective future in a few short months. We are at a crossroads today. On one hand, we mourn the unprecedented loss. On the other, we rejoice in an incredible scientific achievement: Modern science and technology delivered multiple highly effective vaccines within a time frame […]

mobile practice

Set the Wheels in Motion

Protect and Defend

Operating a mobile practice exposes veterinarians to many of the same liability concerns as their walled colleagues. The right insurance policies can deliver peace of mind.

An ever-growing number of small animal veterinarians are forgoing traditional brick-and-mortar veterinary clinics in lieu of providing medical services at pet owners’ homes. Over the past year, I have assisted almost as many veterinarians with insuring their house-call practices as in the previous 20 years combined. From the pet owner’s standpoint, utilizing at-home medical care […]

auto insurance coverage

Steer Clear of Trouble

Protect and Defend

Practice owners need adequate insurance coverage when transporting pets and when employees are on the road.

Insurance coverage and risk management remain a hot topic during the pandemic. This is the second in a two-article series highlighting the most frequently asked COVID-related questions I have received from my insurance clients. Q. What are the liability risks if my hospital offers a pet taxi service? A. You must consider two major exposures. […]

COVID coverage

COVID, insurance and your practice

Protect and Defend

Questions that few people were asking a year ago are suddenly on everybody’s mind.

As the pandemic sweeps across the United States, the delivery of veterinary services has changed dramatically. Not surprisingly, veterinarians and practice managers have raised questions about insurance coverage and risk management. This is the first of a two-article series highlighting the most frequently asked questions I have received from my insurance clients. Q. Do workers’ […]

loss control survey

You snooze, you lose

Protect and Defend

Not preparing for a risk-management survey could cost you the chance to lower your insurance premiums. Not permitting a visit might mean a policy cancellation.

Someone claiming to be from your insurance company calls to say he wants to schedule an on-site loss-control survey of your veterinary practice. Eight questions should immediately come to mind. 1. What is a loss-control survey? Loss control is a risk-management technique that seeks to reduce the possibility of a loss or lessen the severity […]

insurance premium

Premium advice

Protect and Defend

From requesting a risk inspection to raising their deductible, practice owners have numerous opportunities to reduce the cost of insurance.

Today’s hypercompetitive veterinary marketplace is filled with savvy, non-traditional competitors developing innovative methods of meeting client demands for services. No longer can veterinarians simply focus on working hard and providing quality medical care to drive revenue and financial success. The successful entrepreneurs of the future will focus on client-centered service delivery while reducing the cost […]