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ANP launches liquid hemp extract for pets

Veterinary-exclusive PhytoMAXX Plus is administered orally as a joint supplement.

ANP launches liquid hemp extract for pets
PhytoMAXX Plus also contains black cumin, black pepper and capsicum oil.

Animal Nutritional Products has released a liquid formulation of its veterinary-exclusive PhytoMAXX Bites hemp extract for pets.

The new PhytoMAXX Plus is marketed to support joint health in dogs and cats and as a possible answer for stress-induced urinary problems and separation anxiety. The dietary supplement is available in 30-milliliter bottles that come with a plastic eyedropper and a spray nozzle for oral administration.

Animal Nutritional Products, based in New Rochelle, New York, reported that PhytoMAXX Plus “adheres to the CB1, CB2 and TRPV1 receptors [that] control pain, anxiety and stress in the brain and body.”

The company stated that one of its goals is to educate veterinarians and pet owners “about the possibilities of hemp extract and how to use it to support very specific problems.”

“Pet parents are asking veterinarians every day to explain hemp extract to them,” CEO Robert Kovler said. “Vets are apprehensive to discuss hemp products due to pending legislation. However, they do want to use hemp products to help their patients.” Protection Status