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Zoetis adds scours product to livestock portfolio

Zoetis adds scours product to livestock portfolio

Zoetis Inc. has acquired the global rights to Detach, a non-antibiotic solution for controlling scours, or diarrhea, in livestock and horses.

The product’s developer, Australia-based Anatara Lifesciences, reported May 15 that Zoetis will exclusively manufacture, distribute and market Detach worldwide in exchange for an upfront payment, milestone payments and royalties. Specific financial terms were not released.

“Through signing this agreement with Zoetis, Anatara has reached a major commercial milestone,” said Anatara’s executive chairman, Mel Bridges. “This an exciting moment for our shareholders.

“The global reach and resources that Zoetis is able to apply to making Detach a successful product is of great value to Anatara. We see this as an outstanding result with a world-leading partner.”

Zoetis will be permitted to further develop Detach.

“Veterinarians and livestock farmers are seeking new, integrated solutions to help keep animals healthy,” said Scott A. Brown, DVM, Ph.D., DACVCP, vice president of external innovation at Zoetis. “We look forward to continuing our research and development of this novel approach and intend to explore its place in our diverse portfolio of solutions to prevent and treat gastrointestinal illness in livestock animals and horses.”

The two companies in January 2016 announced an exclusive research evaluation and license option period involving Detach.

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