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Your opinion matters


If you’re like me, when you finish an online article about some controversial topic, you zip to the comments section to see what other readers think about the issue at hand. And if you’re like me, sometimes you weigh in, too.

I enjoy reading opposing viewpoints because they open my eyes to facts and arguments that I might not have known or strongly considered. I learn whether I am in the majority or the minority. And sometimes, what someone has to say is enough to change my mind.

On Page 4 in this issue of Today’s Veterinary Business is the debut of Viewpoints, a letters to the editor page that welcomes contributions from readers like you. We want to know — and share with 50,000 other veterinary professionals — what you think about the articles we publish, what we did wrong, and perhaps how we met or exceeded your expectations.

Viewpoints, however, isn’t just a forum for evaluating our seven-month-old journal. It’s also a place for you to inform your colleagues about emerging or hot-button issues in the veterinary profession and explain why you feel the way you do.

Kicking off Viewpoints is a letter that outlines why the veterinary industry needs a labor union. You heard that right, practice owners and managers. You can blot the spilled coffee from your scrub top now.

Rest assured, Today’s Veterinary Business is impartial and transparent. We take no position on labor unions, for or against. And we won’t deny readers the opportunity to broach topics that might make you feel uncomfortable or even anger you. After all, I’m sure you will agree, there’s nothing wrong with open, respectful discourse.

If you disagree with the letter submitted by Liz Hughston of the fledgling National Veterinary Professionals Union, write to us and explain why. If you agree with her, write in as well.

Letters of 600 words or less may be emailed to me at The subject line should read “Letter to the Editor.” Please include your name, professional degrees and credentials, workplace or city of residence, and contact information.








Ken Niedziela
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