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Watch your words

I received a copy of Today’s Veterinary Business this morning, and I had the same reaction as I did when I received another issue.

The August/September 2017 issue had an article featured on the front cover about making your pharmacy a “cash cow” in the practice. My first thought was, “I hope my mail carrier doesn’t actually read the materials he delivers,” because this is certainly not the message I want anyone to take home regarding my practice. The mail may lay on the counter at the front desk for a short time as well if the reception staff are busy with clients. Would I want a client so see this title on a publication I’m receiving? Absolutely not.

I have no problem with running a profitable business. I wouldn’t still be in business otherwise. But I also strive to maintain a professional atmosphere, and things like this can easily and quickly damage the professional reputation we try to so hard to maintain in our practice.

This is not the first time I’ve seen something like this on the cover of your magazine, and I sincerely hope you consider changing the tone of the front page titles in the future. Veterinarians are not the only people who may see this page, and there are other ways to convey the message without making us look like money-hungry people trying to squeeze every nickel possible from our clients’ pockets.

Dr. John Daugherty practices at Poland Veterinary Centre in Poland, Ohio.

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