VitusVet upgrade supports in-clinic product sales

The app’s online store is linked to a practice’s available inventory.

VitusVet upgrade supports in-clinic product sales
The VitusVet app integrates with most practice management systems.

Mobile app developer VitusVet has launched an online store designed to keep medication sales within the veterinary practice.

In addition to communication, appointment and analytic tools, the VitusVet app can be programmed to allow clients to place orders for in-stock drugs and preventives. The products are then shipped to the client or prepared for pickup.

The app is branded to the practice.

“We’ve heard loud and clear that [practices] would like to be able to offer a convenient way for pet parents to access the inventory in their back office,” said co-founder and chief technology officer Kalpesh Raval. “The VitusVet online store capability makes selling that inventory so much more convenient at both ends of the transaction, plus the pet owner can decide how to access the product, just as he or she does in every other aspect as a consumer.”

Co-founder and CEO Mark Olcott, DVM, said the new offering “combines the convenience of internet shopping for prescriptions with the peace of mind that comes from knowing that the medications have been properly shipped and handled by their own veterinarian.”

VitusVet is based in Columbia, Maryland. Protection Status