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Vision Statement: Basepaws

Driving Proactive Veterinary Medicine With At-Home Screening Tools

Vision Statement: Basepaws

Vision Statements: Industry leaders provide a look behind the curtain to discuss their company values and goals in this first-person sponsored essay series.

When the pandemic hit, like many other CEOs, I was worried about our future. We had been successful early in our startup journey because of our commitment to helping pet parents strengthen the bond with their pets using genetics and genomics. Empowered by the insights I received from my own personal genetic test, we brought the same experience to hundreds of thousands of cat owners who wanted to learn more about their feline companions. I had only begun to think about the possibilities for future products — for both cats and dogs — when the pandemic allowed us to fast forward in time to a world where many people now had a pet, were consulting their veterinarian virtually and searching for at-home solutions in caring for their pets. 

Veterinary professionals have showcased their resiliency and willingness to do whatever it takes to deliver high-quality care to pets in their time of need, including providing curbside veterinary care, shipping products to pet owners’ homes and adopting new technologies in clinics. It’s clear that veterinary professionals continue to be a trusted resource for pet parents through these challenging times and into the future. 

Advancements in genomics and computational modeling have changed the way that we understand the relationships between health and disease. Basepaws is committed to research that will help veterinary professionals provide better care for their patients. We are developing a unique category of screening tests that combines genomic and microbiome data as well as clinical data from wellness visits to identify pre-clinical indicators to predict health-related outcomes. Prediction of disease and risk of negative outcomes offer veterinarians greater options in treatment and even prognosis of diseases.

We continue to collaborate with veterinarians, universities and the animal health industry to find solutions to long-standing medical challenges, including genetic and preventable diseases. One overarching theme is the desire and ability to intervene earlier in developing diseases. Advancements in at-home monitoring and precision therapeutics have shown promise. In our mission to bring more pets to the veterinarian for proactive care, we’ve developed an early detection dental health test that is able to provide pet parents with knowledge of their cat requiring care before clinical signs appear. 

It’s a privilege to be working alongside giants in pet care and making personalized care a reality. This new category of medicines and therapeutics are the future, and we continue to develop tools and tests to help you. We believe that our connection to the veterinary community matters now more than ever. We are committed to supporting veterinarians through research, diagnostic and therapeutic solutions to facilitate preventive care, and support so your practice continues to thrive.

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Anna Skaya is the founder and CEO of Basepaws, an at-home digital health and screening test company for pets. Basepaws started as 23andMe-ow, offering genetic testing to cat parents, but has since expanded to include a platform for at-home, preventive testing for all pets driving proactive pet health and veterinary medicine.