Tuskegee, Auburn embark on diversity program

A Tuskegee graduate will train as a radiologist at Auburn and return as a faculty member.

Tuskegee, Auburn embark on diversity program
Drs. Ruby Perry, left, and Calvin Johnson sign a memorandum of understanding.

Alabama’s two veterinary colleges — Tuskegee and Auburn — have launched an initiative designed to increase diversity at both institutions.

The collaboration calls for a graduate of Tuskegee’s College of Veterinary Medicine to train as a radiology resident at Auburn’s Veterinary Teaching Hospital and then return to Tuskegee as a board-certified faculty member. Tuskegee will fund the initiative.

Veterinary deans Ruby Perry, DVM, MS, DACVR, of Tuskegee and Calvin Johnson, DVM, Ph.D., of Auburn signed the agreement June 27.

“Although veterinary medicine is still one of the most ethnically, racially and culturally homogenous professions in the country, this initiative is another way to make a difference and help achieve the goal of addressing diversity and emphasize that diversity matters in the veterinary profession,” Dr. Perry said.

The agreement is not the first between the two colleges, which are 20 miles apart. The “strong, collaborative relationship” includes joint student activities, sharing of faculty expertise and “collegial interactions between our teaching hospitals,” Dr. Johnson said. Protection Status