Trupanion prepares to light up Times Square

Veterinary Appreciation Day messages will be shared with the public June 18.

Trupanion prepares to light up Times Square
Trupanion will display Veterinary Appreciation Day messages on this seven-story LED display board.

Pet owners will show their love for veterinarians on June 18 in New York’s Times Square.

Veterinary Appreciation Day, an annual celebration started by pet health insurer Trupanion, invites clients to share thoughtful messages about the heroic and everyday work of veterinary professionals. The notes will be hard to miss.

“We are asking pet owners to start sharing their veterinary hero stories on Instagram and Twitter today with the hashtag #VeterinaryLove,” Trupanion stated. “Then, on Veterinary Appreciation Day, Trupanion will broadcast those #VeterinaryLove tweets and Insta-posts live in New York City’s Times Square on the NASDAQ tower.

“We will also be sharing those hero call-outs on the Trupanion social media sites and online [at]. Don’t forget to tag your veterinary office and share a special picture of your pet when using the hashtag #VeterinaryLove. Not only will your veterinary professionals see your shout out, but so will the world!”

Seattle-based Trupanion has a financial interest in New York City. The company’s common stock began trading on the New York Stock Exchange in 2014. The listing was voluntarily moved to NASDAQ on June 17, 2016. Protection Status