Telemedicine provider blazes a trail to northwest Canada

Yukon pet owners can consult with veterinarian Kristenn Magnusson.

Telemedicine provider blazes a trail to northwest Canada
Dr. Kristenn Magnusson practices in Whitehorse, Yukon.

Having successfully launched in Ontario in 2018, the telemedicine company Healthy Pets has expanded into Yukon, one of Canada’s remotest areas.

Healthy Pets reported that Kristenn Magnusson, DVM, who lives in the territorial capital of Whitehorse, the home to 25,000 people, is offering veterinary consultations to pet owners using video chatting and text messaging.

“In the Yukon and other northern regions, the population is very spread out and a lot of people own pets,” Dr. Magnusson said. “Some communities are hours and hours away from the nearest clinic.”

Healthy Pets, headquartered in Toronto, has more than 80 Ontario veterinarians on its roster. The company found that two-thirds of telemedicine appointments didn’t lead to an office visit, showing that “the value for both clients and veterinarians is clear.”

“Ontario has been an incredible test market for us,” said Emma Harris, Healthy Pets’ founder and CEO.

The company plans to expand to all 13 of Canada’s provinces and territories.

“From clients in remote or rural settings to urban environments, our national expansion is an opportunity to realize our full potential as a company while improving our service for Canadian pet owners and veterinarians,” Harris said. Protection Status