Survey identifies where veterinary clinics fall short

High costs, excessive wait times and less-than-gentle patient handling are areas of client concern.

Survey identifies where veterinary clinics fall short

Long waits and the markups on tests and vaccines are among the top gripes of veterinary clients.

An online survey commissioned by the United Veterinary Services Association found that while 95% of respondents walked away happy about the medical care provided, at least 1 in 4 found deficiencies in the overall clinic experience.

Convenience was seen as a particular problem, from excessive waiting time in the lobby or exam room to the inability to schedule weekend and evening appointments. Clients didn’t have much of a problem with exam fees, but they did question the cost of tests and vaccines.

A fair number of the 2,000 pet owners surveyed called out hospital personnel for not doing enough to minimize patient stress and anxiety. The issues cited include hectic waiting areas, poor separation of dogs and cats, and “the vet’s staff not handling [the] pet gently enough,” the distributors group reported.

Overall, 70% of dog owners and 75% of cat owners “strongly” agreed that they were satisfied with their veterinary clinic, while only about 25% of clients “somewhat” agreed.

The United Veterinary Services Association, formerly the American Veterinary Distributors Association, concluded:

“Though veterinary customers are overwhelmingly satisfied with the medical care their pets receive, and cost is the main customer concern, UVSA is encouraging its members and the industry at large to continue tracking the expectations of a new generation of pet owners to fully match the quality medical care with clients’ level of overall satisfaction.” Protection Status