New name coming for American Veterinary Distributors Association

The United Veterinary Services Association will work to “maintain a healthy, robust veterinary channel.”

New name coming for American Veterinary Distributors Association

Active for more than 40 years, the American Veterinary Distributors Association is moving forward with a name change and a new focus.

The new name, the United Veterinary Services Association, or UVSA, will go into effect after legal documents are filed.

The transformation, which includes updated bylaws, was set in motion last summer.

“Participants, including the AVDA board … concluded that in order to maintain a healthy, robust veterinary channel, AVDA should become the place where manufacturers, distributors and suppliers who support the veterinarian and animal care can explore what they can do collectively to serve this channel,” the organization reported Dec. 11

Elaborating on the new focus, AVDA outlined a three-pronged approach:

  • Promoting supply chain optimization.
  • Providing a voice for the industry that includes collaboration with allied industry associations related to compliance and regulatory issues of concern to the animal health supply channel.
  • Providing industry insights through research on emerging markets, customer needs, wholesaler and supply chain benchmarks, and consumer expectations.

More details will be provided during the organization’s annual conference, which is scheduled for May 5 to 7 in Nashville, Tennessee.

Founded in 1976, AVDA has more than 65 members, ranging from Addison Biological Laboratory Inc. of Fayette, Missouri, to Zoetis Inc. of Parsippany, New Jersey. Protection Status