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New from Royal Canin: Hematuria Detection

Litterbox granules turn blue if a cat’s urine contains blood, a possible indicator of urinary disease.

New from Royal Canin: Hematuria Detection
Hematuria Detection is packaged in two 0.7-ounce pouches.

Royal Canin USA has introduced Hematuria Detection, a litterbox product designed to identify early signs of urinary disease in cats.

The product, launched in partnership with the Canadian company Blücare Lab, consists of white granules that are sprinkled over clean cat litter. The granules turn blue if blood is detected in the cat’s urine, a possible sign of a feline lower urinary tract disease.

“By placing the granules directly onto the litter, cat habits are not disrupted and owners are able to observe the first warning signs that could compromise the health of their pets,” Royal Canin reported.

Hematuria Detection is beneficial to cats, their owners and veterinarians, said Brent Mayabb, DVM, Royal Canin’s global chief medical officer.

“The latest innovation will not only support veterinarians across the United States through diagnosis and monitoring that is less stressful to cats, but will also provide a new generation of pet care solutions that allow clients to take a more proactive role in their pets’ health,” he said.

Hematuria Detection is intended for use as a follow-up tool for cats with a history of feline lower urinary tract disease.

Royal Canin makes a variety of foods formulated to help manage the recurrence of calcium oxalate and struvite stones, decrease urine concentration, and support urinary health in cats.

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