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Nutramax launches skin-boosting supplement

New canine soft chew is available through veterinarians only.

Nutramax launches skin-boosting supplement
Dermaquin Skin Support Supplement helps support a healthy response to allergens, according to the manufacturer.

Nutramax Laboratories Veterinary Sciences Inc. has released a veterinary-exclusive soft chew formulated to minimize the recurrence of skin issues in dogs.

The product, Dermaquin Skin Support Supplement, contains hardy kiwi, beta-glucans, gamma-linolenic acid, ceramides and omega-3 fatty acids, which in combination help to “fortify and support the skin’s natural barrier,” the company reported.

“The relationship between the skin barrier and responses to allergens is a two-way street,” said Eric Shreves, DVM, a professional services veterinarian at Nutramax. “If the skin barrier is compromised, it is more likely to be affected by allergens, often leading to other skin issues.”

Hardy kiwi, a small green fruit, has been shown to support healthy skin assessment scores in dogs when used in combination with traditional compounds recommended by veterinarians, Nutramax stated.

Dermaquin Skin Support Supplement comes in separate SKUs for small/medium and large dogs.

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