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News Roundup: Jaguar Health / VetPawer / Heska / Antelligence

News Roundup: Jaguar Health / VetPawer / Heska / Antelligence

Jaguar’s CID Drug Canalevia Earns Approval

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has conditionally approved Canalevia-CA1, an oral prescription drug indicated to treat chemotherapy-induced diarrhea in dogs.

The manufacturer, Jaguar Health Inc., reported that Canalevia-CA1 (crofelemer delayed-release tablets) would be available through distributors as early as late January.

“Canalevia-CA1 is an important prescription drug introduction for the veterinary community and thousands of dogs experiencing CID,” said sales and marketing director Chip Whitlow. “Canalevia-CA1 will help support comfort and quality of life while chemotherapy is underway, which may help keep dogs compliant with their lifesaving treatment.”

According to Jaguar, “Studies have found the incidence of CID to be one of the three most prevalent side effects in dogs undergoing cancer treatment and managing side effects such as diarrhea can be important to maintain successful cancer treatment.”

The active ingredient, crofelemer, is derived from the latex of the Croton lechleri tree, Jaguar stated. More information is available at canalevia.com.

Automated Virtual Assistant Flags Drug Refills

Virginia-based VetPawer has enhanced its Automated Virtual Assistant to identify veterinary clients whose pets are due for a prescription refill when the owner calls to make an appointment.

AVA uses voice recognition and artificial intelligence to communicate when a caller’s telephone number is matched with an electronic patient record.

“AVA is a game changer in today’s challenging practice environment,” said VetPawer CEO Jerry Savage. “We see that veterinary teams are more stressed now than ever before. AVA not only helps take the load of the practice’s staff but also provides a contemporary client experience that is fast and efficient.”

The system also schedules appointments based on availability and client preference.

Heska Acquires VetZ Practice Software

Veterinary equipment and service provider Heska Corp. has completed the acquisition of VetZ, a Germany-based developer of practice information management software.

A subsidiary, Heska GmbH, “acquired 100% of the share capital of VetZ,” the parent company reported.

Heska will release transaction details in February during a conference call focused on fourth-quarter and full-year financial results.

The acquisition makes Heska the “European leader in practice management software solutions,” the company stated.

Register Now for Industry Training Class

The Foundations VIII Training Program for animal health industry workers will be delivered four times in 2022: Feb. 23, May 18, Aug. 18 and Nov. 16.

The organizer, Antelligence, reported that the live, online class “is of high value to inside sales, telesales, accounting and IT department personnel with customer or field sales force-facing responsibilities.” In addition, the program is “ideally suited for those individuals who have been in the animal health industry for two years or less, and for others that may benefit from a more comprehensive understanding of the broader animal health industry.”

The instructors will be industry veterans Chris Ragland, Terry Sheehan and Travis Meredith.

More information is available at bit.ly/3qMRpmO.