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New from Petco: PetCoach

Strolling the exhibitor aisles at the Colorado Convention Center, I came across the industry heavyweights as well as the small vendors and everyone in between. But what grabbed my attention at the

American Veterinary Medical Association convention was a company I didn’t expect to see occupying a large island booth: Petco.

Petco, like PetSmart, is competing aggressively in the veterinary space as Amazon and other online challengers capture a growing share of the pet supplies market. PetSmart stores host more than 850 Banfield hospitals, and Petco is expanding on a smaller scale with in-store Thrive and The Pet Vet practices and Vetco vaccination clinics.

What was most interesting as I chatted with a recruiter was another logo emblazoned on the Petco signage: PetCoach. What started as a pet advice website has evolved into a digital and brick-and-mortar business. The first PetCoach store opened in July in San Marcos, California, and more are on the way at existing Petco stores. A spokeswoman wouldn’t say how many stores will be converted or where.

What is PetCoach? Imagine a Petco store with less inventory and more space dedicated to services such as grooming, training, day care and bathing. Did I mention veterinary care — wellness checks, diagnostics, outpatient surgeries and mobile house calls?

“Sure,” you might say, “my hospital has it all, too.” But wait, there’s more. For $9 a month, a client — or “member,” as PetCoach phrases it — gets up to five veterinary office visits a year, $2 self-washes, $4.99 phone or online consultations, product discounts, lower-priced training, grooming and day care services, and, to cap it all off, a free monthly toy or treat.

That’s quite a lineup. Add to the equation the Petco name and the company’s marketing prowess and you might be saying, “Yikes!”

My view? First, PetCoach is not a game changer, but the rollout is worth keeping an eye on. Second, practices of all types and sizes can and do thrive in today’s veterinary industry.

Before I finish, I have a surprise for you. Turn to Page 50 for the debut of Legal Lingo, a column written by attorney Nicole Snyder. What do you know about noncompete agreements? Does a potential buyer of your practice want you to sign one? Do you want your prospective associate veterinarian to sign one? Legal Lingo, our 18th column, explains it all.

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