MTMC establishes an animal health division

The company offers outsourced sales services to health care manufacturers.

MTMC establishes an animal health division

MedTech/MedCare is expanding into the veterinary industry after 35 years of providing manufacturer sales representatives to human health care companies.

MTMC’s new animal health division will focus on sales representation, outbound telesales, national accounts representation, distribution representation, biomedical services and consulting services, said managing partner Jack Moran.

“We’re very excited to launch our veterinary business, given the growth dynamics and future outlook for veterinary medicine,” Moran said.

The Massachusetts-based company’s new vice president of business development is Rick Boggess, former vice president of sales and marketing at the North American Veterinary Community, publisher of Today’s Veterinary Business.

“Boggess [is] a seasoned and talented sales executive with strong ties to the market who will lead our business development efforts and allow us to hit the ground running,” Moran said.

MTMC reported that it has 140 U.S. salespeople and is hiring a new team to manage and grow its animal health business.

“We clearly understand that this is a different market with a different set of needs, and we will continue to bring on additional experienced people like Rick Boggess who understand it and can guide us as we move forward,” said managing partner Dennis Snedden.

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