Morris’ promotional work wins Muse Creative Awards

The foundation’s logo, marketing, website and news releases are recognized by marketing industry judges.

Morris’ promotional work wins Muse Creative Awards
Morris Animal Foundation says its rebranded logo, winner of a platinum statuette, features “a cleaner, more modern and sophisticated font, as well as more fluid artwork lines.”

Morris Animal Foundation’s marketing effort and 9-month-old logo change have garnered more honors.

The Denver-based organization reported winning eight 2019 Muse Creative Awards, which are given for achievement in marketing and communication. In November 2018, the foundation received five MarCom Awards.

Muse awards are administered by International Awards Associates and the MarCom awards by the Association of Marketing and Communication Professionals.

The updated Morris Animal Foundation logo was released in August 2018, having been infused “with new life, color and pizzazz,” the foundation stated.

The rebrand won Platinum awards in the Muse and MarCom competitions.

“The Muse Awards are highly respected and a great honor for our dedicated, in-house staff members who work hard every day to create awareness about the foundation and the work we do to help animals everywhere have longer, healthier lives,” said Carol Borchert, vice president of marketing and brand strategy. “Each product represented in these awards creatively reflects our impactful work while helping us engage with our audiences.”

The foundation won a Gold Muse award for its 2018 Colorado Ballet advertising campaign and took home six Silver Muse awards:

  • Email marketing/newsletter: AnimalNEWS Tips and Tails
  • Email marketing/newsletter: Fresh Scoop
  • News release: “Hookworms Employ Live Fast/Die Young Strategy in Fur Seal Pup Hosts”
  • News release: “Mockingbirds Show Heightened Aggression After Lead Exposure”
  • Brand identity: Morris Animal Foundation Identity Suite
  • Website:

In other news, Morris received a $250,000 grant from Petco Foundation and Blue Buffalo Co. to support pet cancer research.

Since its 1948 founding, Morris has given more than $126 million to support over 2,650 animal health studies. Protection Status