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Merck launches diabetes website for pet owners

Online educational tools include a diabetes symptoms quiz, checklist and video.

Merck launches diabetes website for pet owners
Sugar, right, and Spike

Merck Animal Health has started a campaign designed to teach pet owners about animal diabetes and encourage them to see a veterinarian to discuss a treatment plan.

The website www.sugarandspike.com offers numerous resources, including:

  • An interactive diabetes symptoms quiz featuring the characters Sugar the cat and Spike the dog.
  • A downloadable symptoms checklist that may be taken to the veterinary appointment.
  • Information about Merck diabetes products Vetsulin (porcine insulin zinc suspension) and the VetPen insulin pen.

The characters also star in an animated YouTube video, available at http://bit.ly/2hbs0j7.

“Recognizing the clinical signs of diabetes is the first step to successfully managing your pet’s condition,” said Mario Cabrera, executive director of Merck’s U.S. marketing for companion animal and equine. “If you notice excessive thirst, frequent urination or weight loss despite good appetite, speak with your veterinarian, who can test your pet for diabetes and, if diagnosed, provide you with an individualized plan to care for your pet. Depending on your pet’s needs, this may include a prescribed diet, exercise, blood sugar monitoring and an insulin injection routine.”

Merck is headquartered in Madison, New Jersey.