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New for Cats: YuMove Advance 360

The nutritional supplement from Lintbells is formulated to assist with mobility and joint issues.

New for Cats: YuMove Advance 360
YuMove Advance 360 for Cats comes in capsule form and is given once a day.

Lintbells has released a feline version of its YuMove Advance 360 nutritional supplement, which like the canine equivalent comes with a money-back guarantee.

YuMove Advance 360 for Cats, formulated to support joint health and the body’s anti-inflammatory process, is available exclusively from veterinary channel distributor MWI Animal Health.

The new product is made from New Zealand-harvested green-lipped mussels, which Lintbells reported are rich in Omega 3 fatty acids.

“In cats, osteoarthritis and joint issues are common and nearly inevitable in older cats,” said Robin Downing, DVM, MS, DAAPM, DACVSMR, a rehabilitation specialist speaking on behalf of Lintbells.

“YuMove Advance 360 creates noticeable improvements in cats suffering from painful osteoarthritis and those with joint issues,” Dr. Downing said.

The canine and feline formulas carry the “See the Difference Guarantee.”

“If a client tries YuMove for 60 days and doesn’t see the difference, Lintbells will give the client their money back,” the company stated.

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