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Jorgensen releases new tail dressing for dogs

Dog Ends prevents further injury to tail tips.

Jorgensen releases new tail dressing for dogs

Veterinary equipment supplier Jorgensen Laboratories has launched Dog Ends, a lightweight tube dressing designed to protect the injured tips of canine tails.

Traditional dressings and syringe cases can weigh down a tail and increase impact forces, especially when a dog is wagging its tail, the Loveland, Colorado, company stated.

Dog Ends, made of lightweight mesh, comes with an applicator.

Each Dog Ends weighs 0.14 ounces and absorbs impacts through its flexibility, the company added.

The mesh construction is designed to ventilate a wound area. Dogs Ends may be applied over sterile primary dressings, and it stretches wide enough to accommodate all tail sizes, Jorgensen stated.

The starter packs sold to veterinary hospitals include an applicator, tape and five mesh dressings.