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iVET360 unveils Pulse data dashboard

Integrated with existing practice management software, the program generates up-to-the-minute financial data.

iVET360 unveils Pulse data dashboard
Pulse, a data-analysis tool from iVET360, creates real-time reports.

iVET360 has rolled out a digital dashboard designed to provide real-time financial and operational data to veterinary practice owners and managers.

Known as Pulse, the dashboard is accessible from computers and mobile devices.

“By having real-time data, you can adjust your strategies for hospital growth as soon as you want to,” said Oliver Roller, managing director of analytics. “Traditionally, hospitals look at key metrics monthly or quarterly, but by that time, the data is old.

“Pulse is automated so you don’t have to think about it; the data is always there.”

The dashboard draws data from a hospital’s practice management software, iVET360 reported. Pulse works with these systems: 123Pet, Advantage, AVImark/AVImark SQL, ClienTrax, Complete Clinic, Cornerstone, DVM Manager, DVMAX, eVetPractice, Hippo Manager, HVMS, Infinity, IntraVet/IntraVet SQL, Rx Works, StringSoft, Triple Crown and V-Tech Platinum. Integration with ezyVet is expected in November.

According to iVET360, Pulse allows hospital staff to:

  • Track metrics such as new-client growth, revenue, transactions, gross profit and net profit.
  • Compare metrics against peers in a feature called Benchmark Reporting.
  • Access LearningVet.com, an online educational platform designed for practice managers.
  • Utilize Revenue Mix Reporting to help manage fees and cost of goods.
  • Generate lists of lapsed clients.

Based in Portland, Oregon, iVET360 offers marketing, analytical, human resources and training services.