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Henry Schein updates AVImark, ImproMed software

A new offering, Axis-Q Lens, is a cloud-based solution that provides the diagnostic history of a particular patient.

Henry Schein updates AVImark, ImproMed software

Everyday users are responsible for some of the new features offered in the latest versions of the AVImark and ImproMed practice management software platforms.

The developer, Henry Schein Veterinary Solutions, reported July 2 that one addition, the cloud-based Axis-Q Lens, shows a patient’s complete diagnostic history, making it “easier to identify outliers in a patient’s diagnostic test results and improve the level of care provided.”

“Designed as an open system, Axis-Q Lens gathers trended diagnostics results from multiple point-of-care instruments or reference laboratories that are connected through Henry Schein’s practice management software systems,” the company stated. “This open architecture gives practices the freedom to choose the diagnostic instruments and reference laboratory that’s right for them, and the ability to change equipment without losing their patients’ diagnostic histories.”

Software users contributed to the next-generation software programs.

“By working with our users to learn more about their needs, we are able to combine software innovation with in-practice functionality,” said Chris Dollar, global president of Henry Schein Veterinary Solutions.

Upgrades also were made to selected features in accounts receivable, appointment scheduling, estimates and invoices, medical records, treatment and wellness plans, credit card handling, and inventory management, Henry Schein noted. Protection Status