Fuzzy rolls out subscription-based telemedicine app

$10 a month buys unlimited live chatting with a veterinarian.

Fuzzy rolls out subscription-based telemedicine app
Fuzzy Connect is compatible with iOS and Android devices.
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Fuzzy Pet Health is expanding beyond the San Francisco Bay Area with the release of a $10-a-month telemedicine app that offers unlimited chat time with veterinarians.

The company, which started as an in-home veterinary care provider in 2015, is now targeting U.S. pet owners who want a veterinarian’s advice before they commit to a trip to their local practitioner. Customers can use their smartphone and the Fuzzy Connect app to share photos and videos of their pet.

“Users can chat with veterinarians to get immediate advice on medical issues or behavioral tips,” the company stated. “Additionally, if a vet recommends a specific food or supplement, users can order these directly from the app and get them shipped home. In certain states, Fuzzy Connect members can also get prescriptions and even schedule in-home vet appointments.”

Fuzzy Pet Health co-founder Robert Trimble, DVM, is the company’s head of veterinary services and a 2013 graduate of the University of Illinois College of Veterinary Medicine

“Our team has been providing veterinary care over telemedicine in the Bay Area for a while now and we’ve seen an incredible shift in how our members engage,” Dr. Trimble said. “The average pet parent goes to the vet only 1.6 times a year, while our members get in touch with us roughly once a month.”

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