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Investors say ‘yes’ to veterinary house-call provider

Fuzzy Pet Health looks to expand beyond San Francisco in 2018.

Investors say ‘yes’ to veterinary house-call provider
The Fuzzy Pet Health mobile app is available through the Apple App Store and Google Play.

A start-up company that provides subscription-based, in-home veterinary care has secured $4.5 million in financing.

Fuzzy Pet Health, which sends veterinarians to client homes across the San Francisco Bay area, reported receiving seed money from Eniac Ventures, Crosscut Ventures, Precursor Ventures, SV Angel, Accelerator and FJ Labs. The company intends to expand to other U.S. cities in 2018.

The announcement Dec. 11 coincided with the release of a mobile app that permits clients to communicate in real time with veterinarians, “ask for diagnoses and prescriptions, and get recommendations for products and services based on their pets’ lifestyle,” the company stated.

Fuzzy Pet focuses on preventive health care. The subscription service covers in-home checkups, tests, medications and vaccines.

Two subscription plans are offered:

  • Fuzzy Wellness for $39 a month or $399 a year. A subscriber’s pet receives a veterinarian visit every six months. Covered are flea, tick and heartworm preventives; common canine and feline vaccines; heartworm and fecal testing; FIV/FeLV testing; testing and treatment for intestinal parasites; and live chat and email.
  • Fuzzy Plus for $99 a month or $1,010 a year. A client’s pet is seen once every three months. In addition to the Fuzzy Wellness services, subscribers get 15 percent off orders of prescriptions, supplements and pet food; prescription management and fulfillment; two annual blood panels; cold laser therapy treatment; and “real-time online support during ER or clinic visits.”

“We designed Fuzzy Plus to make sure that our membership could also benefit patients that require closer supervision and to make it significantly easier for pet parents to do the right thing for their pets without paying more out of pocket,” said the company’s director of veterinary services, Robert Trimble, DVM.

Multipet discounts are available.

Fuzzy Pet fills a niche, said Nihal Mehta, founding general partner of Eniac Ventures.

“The company’s rapid growth in the Bay area alone is reflective that pet owners are looking for more advanced, personalized care,” Mehta said.