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Fear Free to roll out hospital certification

Ceva Animal Health veterinarians will play a key role in the campaign.

Fear Free to roll out hospital certification

The Fear Free organization will begin certifying veterinary practices in April 2018 with the assistance of Ceva Animal Health.

The Fear Free concept, which aims to reduce fear, anxiety and stress in veterinary patients, has certified individuals since March 2016. More than 20,000 veterinary professionals have enrolled in an online program that leads to Level 1 or 2 certification.

The certification of veterinary practices will rely on Ceva veterinarians, “who in their capacity as Fear Free consultants are committed to visiting the practices as representatives of Fear Free, and to conduct thorough and impartial certifications,” the organization reported.

The arrangement “will allow Fear Free to offer a larger number of certification visits, with a highly trained team, at affordable rates to hospitals,” said organization founder Marty Becker, DVM.

“The Ceva veterinarians are committed to becoming fully immersed in Fear Free and will receive extensive training prior to practice certification launching,” Dr. Becker said. “All certifying veterinarians will be Level 1 and Level 2 certified and will have taken all of Fear Free’s available CE.”

Veterinary practices will be certified based on their culture, leadership, client education, staff training, and facility and patient experience.

Ceva veterinarians will not pitch the company’s dog and cat behavior products, such as Feliway and Adaptil, “unless they are part of an established Fear Free practice standard,” the Denver-based Fear Free organization stated.

Ceva is a Fear Free corporate sponsor.

“Our veterinary services team and territory managers know firsthand how adoption of Fear Free protocols improves the experience of the pet, the pet owner and even hospital staff, leading to more frequent and more in-depth appointments,” company CEO Craig Wallace said.