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Enso launches 30-minute regenerative medicine kit

The platelet-rich fibrin product can be used for wound healing, graft stabilization and bone regeneration.

Enso launches 30-minute regenerative medicine kit
Platelet-rich fibrin can be used to stimulate wound healing.

Enso Discoveries has released what it describes as a first-of-its-kind platelet-rich fibrin (PRF) kit for use in healing acute or chronic wounds in companion animals and horses.

The Rebound PRF kit concentrates platelets from a patients’ blood to produce a fibrin matrix that “has been shown to efficiently direct stem cell migration and thus aid the healing process,” the Manhattan, Kansas, company reported. The entire process can be done in under 30 minutes, the company added.

“There has long been a need in the regenerative medicine space for improved products that are cost effective and have a focus on what is best for the animal and the practice,” said Patrick Farley, CEO of Enso Discoveries. “Thanks to such new developments as our PRF kit, which uses our proprietary Expressate system, we have been able to help veterinarians around the country save multiple animals that were scheduled for amputation or euthanasia.”

The patent-pending kit also can be used in cases involving graft stabilization, burns, dental surgery and bone regeneration. Protection Status