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Elevet offers ‘intelligent’ veterinary stethoscope

The HD StethVET reads cardiac waveforms, EKG and body sounds.

Elevet offers ‘intelligent’ veterinary stethoscope
The HD StethVET features built-in EKG leads.

Elevet Technologies has reached an agreement to distribute a stethoscope designed to provide veterinarians with real-time visualization of a patient’s cardiac waveforms, EKG and body sounds.

The HD StethVET, manufactured by HD Medical Inc., is available to veterinary practitioners while it awaits U.S. Food and Drug Administration approval for use with human patients.

The stethoscope, powered by AA rechargeable batteries, is marketed for general veterinary use as well as at veterinary colleges and, because of its noise-canceling features, at busy clinics.

“The ability to display, record, save and transfer visual plus audio health data for group consumption makes HD StethVET ideal for veterinary colleges,” said HD Medical’s founder and CEO, Arvind Thiagarajan.

A downloadable app displays readings on Bluetooth-enabled mobile devices.

Elevet Technologies President Chris Scott called HD StethVET “the only advanced intelligent stethoscope with EKG, enabling accurate and instant diagnosis of animal cardiac and body conditions.”

“This is particularly important in clinics where follow-up tests can be difficult, time consuming and costly,” he said.

Elevet is headquartered in Worthington, Ohio, and HD Medical in Santa Clara, California. Protection Status