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E.I. Medical debuts i3 ultrasound video headset

The high-resolution headset works with the Ibex line of portable ultrasound systems.

E.I. Medical debuts i3 ultrasound video headset
The i3 video headset offers numerous mounting options.

E.I. Medical Imaging has launched the i3 video headset for use with the company’s portable veterinary ultrasound systems.

Designed with binocular and monocular configurations, the high-resolution headset features a patent-pending, custom prismatic optic, according to the Loveland, Colorado, company.

“We spent three years of R&D on this optical design,” President Charles Maloy said. “Of all the complex products that EIMI engineers, this optical design was certainly one of the most challenging.”

E.I. Medical has utilized video headset technology for two decades. The InSite 2 headset is commonly used with bovine reproduction and in aquatics and wildlife medicine.

The company’s Ibex line of U.S.-made digital ultrasound systems includes the EVO, Pro and Lite models.