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COVID-19 resources: Watch and learn

Go online to hear from the experts.

COVID-19 resources: Watch and learn

Webinars and podcasts on the COVID-19 pandemic and what veterinary professionals need to know and do have been released or are scheduled.

Available Now

From VetFolio, LifeLearn Animal Health and NAVC, publisher of Today’s Veterinary Business

  • “COVID-19: What We Know and Don’t Know,” with J. Scott Weese, DVM, DACVIM. View the webinar at https://bit.ly/2wSuuyC
  • “COVID-19 in Animals: The Facts From an Infectious Disease Expert,” with Dr. Weese. Listen to the podcast at https://bit.ly/2UYCdmB
  • “COVID-19 and the One Health Act,” with Jonathan Sleeman, DVM; Dana Varble, DVM; and Mike Bober. Listen to the podcast at https://bit.ly/2wZGQF3

From Spark! and NAVC

  • “COVID-19 Business Advice from a Veterinary CPA,” with Denise Tumblin, CPA. View the video at https://bit.ly/3aGGPUV

From American Veterinary Medical Association

  • “COVID-19: CARES Act Small Business Loan Programs,” with Terry O’Neil, CPA, CVA. View the webinar at https://bit.ly/2XdGLIm
  • “COVID-19: Insurance Claims and CARES Leave Provisions.” View the webinar at https://bit.ly/345wzTW
  • “COVID-19: What Veterinarians Need to Know,” with Gail Golab, Ph.D., DVM, MANZCVS, DACAW; and Kent McClure, DVM, JD. View the webinar at https://bit.ly/348pl1m

From MightyVet, Trupanion and Covetrus

  • “COVID-19: Confronting a Global Enemy Through Education and Fact-Based Insight,” with Steve Weinrauch, BVMS, MRCVS; Michael Lappin, DVM, PhD, DACVIM (SAIM); and Jim Tedford. View the webinar at https://bit.ly/39Gyzmw
  • “COVID Council Update,” with Steve Weinrauch; Michael Lappin, Jim Tedford, Carrie Jurney, DVM, ACVIM (Neurology); President, Not One More Vet; Julie Levy, DVM, PhD, DACVIM, DABVP (Shelter Medicine). View the webinar at https://bit.ly/3aI6Sex.

From Viticus Group

  • “CARES Act: Financial Assistance for Small Businesses,” with Natalie Marks, DVM, and Owen E. McCafferty, CPA, CVPM. View the video at https://bit.ly/3aH6YmO

Coming Soon

From Small Business Legislative Council

  • Noon EDT April 7 — “CARES Act and Small Business.” Register for the webinar at https://bit.ly/2XaMRJF

From Veterinary Financial Summit

  • 9 to 10 p.m. EDT April 7: “Making ‘Cents’ of the Stimulus Package,” with Isaiah Douglass, CFP, MBA; Jamie O’Kane, CPA; and Andrew Rotz, CFP. Register for the webinar at https://bit.ly/2X7VW6c

From VIN Foundation

  • 8 p.m. EDT April 8 — “Climbing Mt. Debt: Student Loan Triage in the Age of COVID-19,” with Tony Bartels, DVM, MBA. Register for the webinar at https://bit.ly/3bJYM56

From Virox Animal Health

  • 2 p.m. EDT April 9 — “Finding Connection in Times of Challenge,” with Kimberly Pope-Robinson, DVM, CCFP, and Beckie Mossor, RVT. Register for the webinar at https://bit.ly/3e27AoT

From MightyVet, Trupanion and Covetrus

  • 2 to 3 p.m. EDT April 9 — “Updates From the COVID Council,” with Dr. Weese. View the webinar at https://bit.ly/2URpC5S

From Veterinary Hospital Managers Association

  • 1 to 2 p.m. EDT April 9 — “Leading For Resilience in Times of Crisis,” with Josh Vaisman, CCFP, MAPPCP. Register for the webinar at https://bit.ly/39zoecg
  • 1 to 2:30 p.m. EDT April 10 — “Understanding the Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security Act (CARES Act),” with Timothy A. Davis. Register for the webinar at https://bit.ly/2waPujA

From VitusVet

  • Noon EDT April 10 — “Get Started With 2-Way Text and Picture Messaging,” with Emily Shiver, CVPM, CCFP, CVBL. Register for the webinar at https://bit.ly/2XhmIcj

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