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Companion Animal Health launches new products

The Stance Analyzer arrives on the veterinary market along with the INsight System and the Empower IQ laser therapy handpiece.

Companion Animal Health launches new products
The Stance Analyzer generates a visual report of how a patient is standing and shifting weight.

Companion Animal Health has released two diagnostic products and a laser therapy handpiece.

The New Castle, Delaware, company reported that its Stance Analyzer platform is designed to collect weight-bearing information that could be used during wellness exams to support clinical findings such as pain and to detect early lameness.

“The Stance Analyzer allows the veterinarian to remove themselves from the selling process and show the pet owner proof of their pet’s discomfort, resulting in increased service sales, happier client and pets who are receiving a higher standard of care,” said Terri Eck, director of strategic business development.

Also new from Companion Animal Health are:

  • The diagnostic platform INsight System, which provides real-time visualization of intra-articular injuries and disease states using a needle scope and auto-focusing fiberoptic camera. “Now veterinarians can visually confirm their diagnosis, inject their regenerative medicine product and perform follow-ups on their intra-articular procedures patient side with a simple placement of the needle scope,” said Heather Weir, regenerative medicine product manager. The INsight System was launched in partnership with Trice Medical.
  • The Empower IQ handpiece, which comes standard on Companion’s newest Class IV therapy laser, the CTX-IQ. “The Empower IQ offers both haptic and visual feedback that alert the user when they should adjust treatment speed. This ensures that patients are receiving the most accurate therapeutic dose of energy,” the company stated. Protection Status