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Pathway Unveils Veterinarian Bonus Program

Five years of continuous employment could put practitioners on the path to a $225,000 or $450,000 windfall.

Pathway Unveils Veterinarian Bonus Program

How does a $450,000 bonus sound? That’s the potential extra compensation that Pathway Vet Alliance is offering to specialty and emergency veterinarians. General practitioners can collect up to $225,000.

The full sums are contingent on tenure — five consecutive years of employment with Pathway or Thrive Affordable Vet Care — and the company’s financial performance.

“This is an exciting, first-ever industry benefit, which we are truly proud to unveil here at Pathway,” said CEO Stephen Hadley, DVM.

The company operates more than 400 veterinary hospitals nationwide under the Pathway and Thrive brands.

Current and newly hired veterinarians are eligible for the Veterinary Incentive Plan, which kicks off March 31. Residents can join starting in their third year.

One-third of the bonus is based on tenure and the other two-thirds on the company’s financials. Details about the revenue-sharing component were not released.

The possibility of six-figure bonuses could help Pathway recruit and retain veterinarians as some industry observers warn of a growing shortage of practitioners.

Pathway also provides an array of employee fringe benefits, such as eight weeks of paid parental leave, 401(k) matching, tuition reimbursement and discounts on in vitro fertilization.

“We believe providing the best possible care for pets starts with taking the best possible care of our people, which includes ensuring they are healthy physically, mentally and financially, while providing a place for doctors to have a thriving career,” Dr. Hadley said.

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