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BodeVet picks partners for launch of StablePlate RX

The blood product is made to treat acute canine hemorrhaging.

BodeVet picks partners for launch of StablePlate RX
StablePlate RX is a lyophilized derivative of canine platelets developed for the treatment of acute uncontrolled hemorrhage in bleeding patients secondary to thrombocytopenia.

BodeVet has established a distribution channel for what the company calls the world’s first injectable, freeze-dried, platelet-derived product.

Partnering with BodeVet on the launch of StablePlate RX Canine are:

  • Blue Ridge Veterinary Blood Bank in Purcellville, Virginia.
  • HemoSolutions in Colorado Springs, Colorado.
  • Northwest Veterinary Blood Bank in Bellingham, Washington.

StablePlate RX Canine, BodeVet’s first product, is designed for the treatment of acute uncontrolled hemorrhaging in dogs, said Anne Hale, DVM, the company’s chief technical officer.

The shelf-stable dry powder becomes a hemostatic agent when mixed with sterile water, the company reported.

The results of clinical trials involving StablePlate RX Canine are expected to be released this year. Among those taking part in the study are Blue Pearl Veterinary Partners, Ethos Veterinary Health, Cornell University, the University of Georgia, Iowa State University and North Carolina State University.

BodeVet, a subsidiary of Cellphire Inc., is headquartered in Rockville, Maryland.