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Blue Buffalo releases GI Low Fat dry food for dogs

The therapeutic diet contains whitefish, prebiotic fibers and other digestion-supporting ingredients.

Blue Buffalo releases GI Low Fat dry food for dogs
GI Low Fat is the newest addition to Blue Buffalo’s therapeutic foods for dogs and cats.

Blue Buffalo has added a gut health formula to its lineup of therapeutic dog food recipes.

Blue Natural Veterinary Diet GI Low Fat dry food is indicated to help adult dogs that have difficulty digesting fat, the Wilton, Connecticut, company reported.

“Dogs suffering from specific gastrointestinal issues, such as pancreatitis or lymphangiectasis, often have trouble digesting fats,” said Victoria Carmella, DVM, the director of veterinary services. “This new therapeutic food features readily digestible proteins, carbohydrates and fats for optimal nutrient absorption, as well as prebiotic fibers to help balance and support healthy gastrointestinal microflora.”

The diet is intended for short- or long-term feeding “depending on what GI disease is present — acute or chronic gastroenteritis, small and large bowel diarrhea, pancreatitis (non-hyperlipidemic), inflammatory bowel disease, colitis, protein-losing enteropathy, intestinal dysbiosis, or antibiotic-responsive diarrhea,” according to Blue Buffalo.

The first ingredient is deboned whitefish.

Another GI therapeutic food, Gastrointestinal Support Formula, comes in wet and dry varieties for dogs and cats. Protection Status