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Blue launches vet-exclusive weight, mobility dog food

The W+M formula was found to dramatically cut body fat and body weight.

Blue launches vet-exclusive weight, mobility dog food

Blue Buffalo Co. is releasing a therapeutic diet formulated to support canine weight loss and mobility.

The multifunctional dry food, part of the Blue Natural Veterinary Diet line, is “clinically proven to reduce body fat in dogs by 39.6 percent and body weight by 16.3 percent within two months, and to improve arthritic scores over time,” the Wilton, Connecticut, company reported.

W+M Weight Management + Mobility Support is Blue’s second veterinary-exclusive diet formulated to fight pet obesity. The other one, WU Weight Management + Urinary Care, supports weight management and urinary health in dogs and cats, the company stated.

“W+M is a highly palatable and digestible diet that is clinically proven to help manage dogs’ body condition while supporting lean muscle maintenance during weight loss,” said Victoria Carmella, DVM, director of veterinary services. “This new therapeutic food has also been shown to improve mobility in dogs with degenerative joint disease.”

Among the ingredients in the grain-free formula are shrimp meal, L-carnitine, powdered cellulose, pea fiber and fat-metabolizing betaine.

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