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18 insurers and counting

What do Bivvy, Lemonade and Pumpkin have in common? What about Prudent Pet, Spot and Wagmo? The answer: All six are the newest brands in pet health insurance, joining a dozen older companies in what has become a $1.5 billion-a-year U.S. industry.

I’ve kept pretty good track of the goings-on in pet insurance over the years, yet I am surprised at how fast the roster has grown and how competitive the sector has become.

Today’s Veterinary Business invited all 18 insurers to tell readers a little bit about themselves and their policies so that veterinary professionals like you aren’t caught off-guard when a client asks, “What do you know about pet insurance?” or “Which companies do you recommend?” The breakdown begins on Page 34.

Dr. Peter Weinstein, in an article starting on Page 32, advises veterinary teams to have at least a working knowledge of pet health insurance and to appoint a staff “cheerleader,” a know-it-all, for longer conversations with clients.

This is the second edition in a row that Today’s Veterinary Business inventoried a fast-growing segment of the veterinary industry. In case you missed it, the August/September issue highlighted 36 companies providing telemedicine, teleadvice or teleconsult services. The complete list is available at bit.ly/Virtual-Care.

I’ll end this report with two pieces of exciting news.

First, Today’s Veterinary Business captured eight trophies at the Florida Magazine Association’s 2020 Charlie Awards.

These two writers won first-place honors:

  • Practice Smarter columnist Mark Opperman, who in this issue can be found on Page 73, for best column in an association, trade or technical publication.
  • Sarah Rumple, this issue’s Innovation Station guest columnist (Page 45), for best in-depth reporting with her 2019 cover story “The Scourge of Discrimination.” The article can be read at bit.ly/TVBdiscrimination.

Second, I suggest you watch for the December/January issue. Trust me, you might be surprised but you won’t be disappointed.

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Ken Niedziela, editor