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Zoetis’ Cytopoint earns allergic dermatitis indication

Cytopoint and Apoquel give veterinarians “much needed flexibility,” one practitioner says.

Zoetis’ Cytopoint earns allergic dermatitis indication
Cytopoint is a ready-to-use, sterile liquid injectable.
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Cytopoint, which was licensed in 2016 for use in canine atopic dermatitis cases, is now approved for the treatment of allergic dermatitis.

The expanded indication, announced Sept. 14, gives manufacturer Zoetis Inc. two leading treatments for allergic and atopic dermatitis in dogs. Cytopoint, a monoclonal antibody (mAb) therapy, is injected every four to eight weeks, while Apoquel (oclacitinib tablet) is an itch controller formulated to begin working within four hours.

“We know that itch can erode cherished bonds and can take an emotional toll on owners,” said Andrew Hillier, BVSc, MANZCVS, DACVD, a veterinary specialist with Zoetis. “With this new Cytopoint indication for allergic dermatitis, veterinarians have another option to provide relief for their pruritic patients as they are going through the diagnostic process.”

Speaking on behalf of Zoetis, Arizona veterinarian Thomas P. Lewis II, DVM, DACVD, said the

U.S. Department of Agriculture approval “gives veterinarians much needed flexibility for personalized treatment of allergic and atopic dermatitis in dogs with two therapeutic approaches.”

Cytopoint works within a day of administration by targeting and neutralizing cytokine interleukin-31 (IL-31), a key cytokine involved in triggering the itch associated with canine atopic dermatitis and allergic dermatitis, Zoetis stated.

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