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WellHaven to offer telemedicine consultations

The hospital network will use a mobile app from Petriage to communicate with clients.

WellHaven to offer telemedicine consultations
The Petriage app allows veterinarians to engage clients in the remote care of their pets.

WellHaven Pet Health’s 40 veterinary hospitals will begin using a telemedicine app that includes a symptom analysis tool for pet owners.

The mobile app, developed by Petriage Inc., provides clients with recommendations about what do for the pet — is urgent care needed? — and permits real-time chatting with a WellHaven veterinarian.

“The use of telemedicine to augment the practice of veterinary medicine, specifically the use of medical imaging and diagnostic technologies, is a first step toward improving patient care and the well-being of our veterinarians,” said Thomas Reuss, managing partner with Vancouver, Washington-based WellHaven. “We want to meet our clients where they are, and this partnership with Petriage supports that while helping us play from the front in this space.”

The app is customizable, and participating practices can choose the price, if any, that clients pay for its use.

“Our platform’s ability to provide pet owners with vet-validated information while keeping their personal vet informed of their pet’s medical needs has proven itself in beta testing, and we look forward to applying it at scale in clinical settings,” said Allon Freiman, Petriage’s CEO.

The company’s co-founder and chief veterinary officer is Shlomo Freiman, DVM. Petriage is headquartered in Bellevue. Washington.

Today’s Veterinary Business columnist Bob Lester, DVM, is chief medical officer at WellHaven.

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