Walmart dominates mass-market pet channel

Two-thirds of pet-holding households do their shopping at Walmart.

Walmart dominates mass-market pet channel
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Walmart is cleaning up in the retail pet aisles.

The market research firm Packaged Facts reported in early August that the merchandising giant has a stranglehold on its mass-market competitors in the sale of pet products. Walmart counts 43 million pet-owning U.S. households in its customer base, easily besting the combined 35 million households claimed by runners-up Target, Costco and Kroger.

Packaged Facts stated that the United States has 67 million pet-owning households, so some of the consumers shop at multiple mass marketers.

“Overall, Walmart enjoys impressive strength in shopper traffic/shopping trips, offering almost unbeatable one-store shopping convenience, making it possible for pet owners to pick up non-pet products, along with pet products of all stripes, in the same place,” said Packaged Facts research director David Sprinkle. “And pet product customers are clearly a growth engine for Walmart.”

Packaged Facts estimated that more than one-third of Walmart pet product purchasers reported buying more pet products from Walmart than a few years ago.

The survey results were published in the research firm’s new report “U.S. Pet Market Focus: Walmart as Competitor.” More information is available at http://bit.ly/2OxibdV.

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