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Vision Statement: The NAVC

Virtual Education That Makes a Lasting Impact

Vision Statement: The NAVC

Vision Statements: Industry leaders provide a look behind the curtain to discuss their company values and goals in this first-person sponsored essay series.

Virtual experiences have permeated every aspect of our lives, taking hold as rapidly as the pandemic from which they evolved. From the most mundane 2 p.m. Zoom meeting to vital video appointments with doctors and veterinarians, virtual is everywhere. In the area of education — and more specific to the NAVC, continuing education — virtual learning will become the great equalizer. The technology that creates seamless synchronization for people around the globe has opened the door to the world’s best educational resources and making them universally available, regardless of geography or time. 

Virtual is here to stay. It is not a passing fad that bridged social and economic gaps during COVID-19; it will become one of the positive, societal-altering changes that result from this pandemic. Those organizations that turn virtual events and learning into distinct offerings that deliver true benefits will succeed in making virtual a vital part of their business going forward — and a valuable experience for those who participate. 

Virtual learning needs to be a unique, engaging experience. It can’t simply be a repackaging or labeling of your live event or a recorded webinar someone watches alone at midnight after everyone has gone to bed. And, most importantly, it needs to deliver content that is both compelling and customized.

At the NAVC, we are supercharged by the opportunities virtual presents for us to meet the education needs of our veterinary professionals and the strategic priorities of our sponsors. Early this year, we launched a new virtual initiative and team dedicated to providing customizable year-round opportunities to learn anytime, anywhere. Our virtual portfolio complements the NAVC’s industry-leading in-person events and includes interactive virtual summits, live webinars, and microlearning videos on a wide range of topics. 

At NAVC’s VMX 2020, the world’s leading veterinary event, we launched a groundbreaking virtual technology platform that has transformed the trade show industry, just weeks before the U.S. registered its first coronavirus case. Utilizing advanced simulation technology, the NAVC’s VMX Virtual Expo Hall takes virtual from a one-dimensional experience to a 3D, immersive and interactive one where visitors to the virtual expo hall digitally move through exhibit booths from the world’s leading animal healthcare companies, talk live with company representatives, view and download content, and watch webinars and videos.

The world is changing. And while there will never be a substitute for a handshake, a hug or a hands-on in-person CE session, virtual learning offers its own list of benefits that will only help propel the veterinary community forward. It’s time to embrace the change with forward thinking and reap the benefits of these exciting educational opportunities.

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Eugene (Gene) O’Neill, CPA, CIA, joined the NAVC in 2013 as chief financial officer. He was promoted to deputy CEO and CFO in 2018 and was named CEO in April 2020. O’Neill helped transform the NAVC’s portfolio to include a media division, a certification program and an online recruiting tool for veterinarians. Prior to joining the NAVC, O’Neill held executive and financial leadership roles at the Institute of Internal Auditors, IIA-Australia and SeaWorld of Florida.