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Vision Statement: Nextmune

Eye on Patient, Mind on Innovation

Vision Statement: Nextmune

Vision Statements: Industry leaders provide a look behind the curtain to discuss their company values and goals in this first-person sponsored essay series.

At Nextmune, innovation is more than just a word in our brand tagline. Innovation is a part of the fabric of our company. It is crucial to every decision we make, as a leader in allergy diagnostics as well as a global specialty pharmaceuticals manufacturer. 

Whether we are transforming testing technology or expanding the number of allergens available in treatments, we are always keeping our eye on the wellbeing of our patients.

The Nextmune U.S. testing laboratory leverages state-of-the-art testing technology to provide veterinarians worldwide a valuable resource for allergy testing. Two of those technologies include using 100% synthetic reagents in our testing profiles and applying CCD blockers to our serum samples. We receive serum samples from over 70 countries around the world. Even after 30 years in the field of diagnostics and allergy treatment, Nextmune is still deeply invested in improving allergy testing to provide patients the most reliable test in the industry. 

Our innovation is not restricted to our testing technology alone. Nextmune U.S. provides several industry-leading support tools for allergy patients. These tools include a results booklet, an online recommended food list and a treatment diary to accompany each patient’s fully customized patient treatment sets. The full-color results booklet is personalized to each patient and arrives to the practice 10 days after results are released. 

The patient-specific online food recommendations are updated automatically, either adding or removing diets, to accommodate manufacturer ingredient changes.

Lastly, the allergy treatment diary gives detailed instructions on how to properly use the patient’s custom treatment set. 

The Nextmune U.S. specialty pharmaceutical lab builds custom allergy treatments using a patient’s testing results. Our modern manufacturing process creates treatment sets that include up to 24 allergens in a single set, doubling most other allergen treatment manufacturers. Nextmune has more than 20,000 patients on custom allergy treatments throughout the world. These custom allergy treatments provide our clinics an all-natural alternative to other allergy medications, while still offering significant symptom relief for pets. 

Even after 30 years of serving veterinarians globally, Nextmune U.S. continues to keep our eye on the patient and mind on innovation. Our passion for advancing technology in the dermatology and specialty pharmaceutical industry pushes us to continue our research and development efforts. 

Nextmune will have exciting product launches over the next 12 months, which will further support our veterinary clients in their dermatological needs. 

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Megan Spencer, MBA, has been in the specialty pharmaceutical industry for 11 years and animal health for 7 years. She joined Nextmune in 2018. As the United States country manager for Nextmune, Megan is responsible for all U.S. business operations. She is also responsible for market development efforts in the Americas and Pacific Rim. When she is not working, Megan enjoys spending time with her family and their menagerie of pets that includes four dogs, one horse and seven reptiles.