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Vision Statement: IndeVets

Vet and Let Live

Vision Statement: IndeVets

Vision Statements: Industry leaders provide a look behind the curtain to discuss their company values and goals in this first-person sponsored essay series.

As vets, we knew something in our industry needed to change. Having freedom, flexibility and a life isn’t a radical idea, but as veterinarians, it was. And that’s why we started IndeVets.

We’ve been through it all with traditional associate jobs. Leaving and getting home in the dark, office politics and surprise schedule changes that replace your weekend plans with the wag of a tail. The burnout is real and it happens fast. Relief work might look like the answer, but then you spend all your newfound time chasing clients and running from paperwork as you say farewell to your benefits and PTO.

So we thought, what if we combined the best of both worlds and left all the bad stuff out? What’s left is complete control over how you want to vet. Oh, and also making dinner plans and actually keeping them, maybe even taking that vacation you thought of years ago … where were you going again?

We know what you’re thinking: It’s too good to be true. Not at all; it is downright sensible. IndeVets lets you schedule where and when you work like a relief vet, but with all the good stuff like full benefits, health insurance, clinical growth and the support of the entire IndeVets community. It’s all part of our mission to make vet work a whole lot better. And it’s way overdue.

So it’s no surprise that we have a growing community of vets who believe work-life balance is not really an option — it’s a necessity. Need time off for your kid’s soccer game? Go for it. Visiting college buddies in Toledo? Go ahead. We want vet work to work for you, not the other way around.

Full-time with IndeVets starts at 34 hours a week. You probably haven’t seen hours like that in, well, ever. Here’s another wild idea — taking that time for your family and yourself makes you a better vet. And we believe that healthier vets equals healthier pets.

In our industry, these are groundbreaking ideas, but for us, they’re baked into our core values. We believe in happily breaking norms to do things better. We believe you should have a Choose Your Own Career Adventure. And even while we’re shaking up the industry, we’re grateful for our doctors and focus on supporting them and each other. 

Since we have a rigid, no-jerks policy, that’s really not so hard. Above all, we’re here to support the veterinary practice and the people who make it what it is.

Since we started in 2018 our community has soared to 100 doctors across 16 states, and we’ll keep at it until we bring vet-life balance to many, many more.

 For More Info: indevets.com


Dr. Marisa Brunetti, VMD, is IndeVets’ chief medical officer and Dr. Andrew Heller, DVM, is chief growth officer. Marisa is a UPenn alum who loves to cook in her time off. Andrew worked on Wall Street before changing careers, attending Ross University and co-founding IndeVets. His three kids take up a lot of his free time. Dr. Brunetti and Dr. Heller are co-hosts of The IndeVets Happy Hour podcast.