Video-based Bridge Club aims to link profession

Online meetings will focus on veterinary work, personal growth and societal issues.

Video-based Bridge Club aims to link profession

Two industry veterans have launched The Bridge Club, an online platform designed to bring veterinary professionals together for education and networking through live 25-minute video conferences.

Co-founder Catherine Haskins, a communications and marketing consultant, said content will be split into four sections:

  • 30 percent on veterinary matters such as telemedicine.
  • 30 percent on professional development.
  • 30 percent on personal growth.
  • 10 percent on societal issues.

“Our goal is to bring back old-fashioned communications, but in a modern way that works with everyone’s schedules,” Haskins said.

Her business partner, Brenda Andresen, former marketing director with the industry group Partners for Healthy Pets, said a priority will be placed on “conversation rather than presentations.”

The format calls for an opening toast followed by an eight- to 10-minute hosted conversation.

An early topic will examine the new federal tax plan and how it effects the veterinary profession and individuals. Another will focus on sexual harassment.

“Our intention is to provide content that is timely to the industry but that stimulates a discussion that will provide true relevancy,” Haskins said.

The Bridge Club will offer free and subscription-based access.

More information is available at Protection Status