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Veterinary School Applications Rise 5.5%

The average student selected five schools for consideration.

Veterinary School Applications Rise 5.5%Veterinary medicine remains a popular field of study, according to the AAVMC, which reported a record 10,834 applicants seeking enrollment in 2022.
The total was a 5.5% increase over the 10,273 applicants last year.
The 2021-22 Veterinary Medical College Application Service admissions cycle, which closed Sept. 29, saw students apply to an average of 5.37 different schools. The fee was $220 for the first application and $120 for each additional one.
The American Association of Veterinary Medical Schools reported that the number of applicants “has been growing steadily in recent years.”
“Factors influencing the increases remain unclear,” the AAVMC stated, “however they may include an extended application cycle and growing awareness and appreciation for the veterinary medical profession.”
The 2021-22 cycle was extended by two weeks because of “natural disasters that temporarily shut down some academic institutions and impaired applicant ability to finalize their applications,” according to the AAVMC.
All U.S. veterinary colleges except for Texas A&M University route student applications through VMCAS.
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