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Veterinarian launches cannabidiol soft chews for pets

Hemp-based product is designed to support dogs and cats suffering from anxiety, pain and arthritis.

Veterinarian launches cannabidiol soft chews for pets
Companion Soft Chews are manufactured by CompanionCBD of Scottsdale, Arizona.

A new company co-founded by an Arizona veterinarian has released chewable cannabidiol supplements formulated to manage anxiety, pain and arthritis in cats and dogs.

The company, CompanionCBD, reported that hemp-based Companion Soft Chews contain a compound that “mimics the action of chemicals that are essential for normal functioning of the brain and body.”

“With our veterinary patients, mainly dogs and cats, we have begun to use CBD to manage anxiety and behavioral disorders, with an ever-increasing measure of success,” said CompanionCBD’s co-founder and chief medical officer, Josh Sosnow, DVM. “Recent data also shows it can work to manage pain, osteoarthritis, diseases of the immune system and seizure disorders.”

Dr. Sosnow owns two Arizona veterinary clinics: North Scottsdale Animal Hospital in Scottsdale and Desert View Animal Hospital in Phoenix. His business partner is entrepreneur Brad Malin.

Companion Soft Chews come in four dosages based on a pet’s weight, with the cannabidiol ranging from 5 to 40 milligrams per chew. The arthritis supplement contains cannabidiol, omega fatty acids and the anti-inflammatory compound palmitoylethanolamide (PEA).

The line is intended for sale through veterinary clinics and retailers. Protection Status