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New Tonometer Features Bluetooth Connectivity

The battery-powered Tono-Vera, from Reichert Technologies, accommodates wireless data transfer.

New Tonometer Features Bluetooth Connectivity
The Tono-Vera Vet Tonometer’s rebound technology eliminates the need for a topical anesthetic.

Reichert Technologies has released a Bluetooth-enabled veterinary tonometer designed to measure a patient’s intraocular pressure without the need for a topical anesthetic.

The Tono-Vera Vet Tonometer displays a full color view of the eye and uses the patent-pending ActiView Positioning System to guide the user to the apex of the cornea, according to the company.

“When properly aligned, the Tono-Vera Vet measures automatically, producing reliable results in a single measurement,” the company stated.

The tonometer is powered by either standard or rechargeable AA batteries.

Reichert Technologies described the device’s Bluetooth technology as the first of its kind in the veterinary profession, “making your present and future data transferring need easier than ever.”

The tonometer ships with a base that doubles as a storage location for single-use Ocu-Dot tonometer probes.

Reichert Technologies, headquartered in Buffalo, New York, makes benchtop and handheld analytical instruments for a variety of industries. Its other veterinary products include the Vet 360 and Vet360-Chek refractometers.

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