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A magazine redesign is difficult, not only for the journalists who brainstorm and implement changes but also for the readers suddenly tasked with determining the whereabouts of their favorite columnists and features.

Such is the case with Today’s Veterinary Business, which after 3½ years of publication and many months of planning has gotten a makeover. The magazine you hold in your hands now (or read online) looks nothing like what was dropped into your mailbox or in-box the last time around.

Why? It’s about branding, chiefly. The North American Veterinary Community, in case you didn’t know, publishes three other magazines: the peer-reviewed journals Today’s Veterinary Practice and Today’s Veterinary Nurse and the distributor-focused Veterinary Advantage. Those three magazines are the same size as what you see before you now.

If you loved the previous large-format magazine, I understand. I did, too. On the other hand, we’ve heard from readers that a traditional-size magazine is easier to tote and archive, and advertisers appreciate having a consistent size  for all their marketing materials.

The other good news is that while this magazine looks different, the content is mostly the same, and then some. We’ve winnowed Today’s Veterinary Business into four main sections: Business, Leadership, Community and, directly after Business, a series of feature stories. In this issue, we introduce two new columnists — names you probably recognize.

On Page 12, Opening Shots columnist Dr. Ernie Ward answers reader questions on topics ranging from practice management to personal well-being. Got a question for him? Email [email protected].

On Page 90, Dr. Andy Roark delivers his take on modern veterinary life in his column, Discharge Notes. I think you’ll love his sense of humor.

Finally, turn to Page 46 for a wonderful report by Dr. Lou Anne Wolfe on the “MASH” unit that employs her: Marina Animal Clinic in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

What do you think of the “new” Today’s Veterinary Business? Please email me at [email protected].

Ken Niedziela








Ken Niedziela, editor