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Pharmgate launches Deracin medicated cattle feed

The product works against bovine respiratory disease and anaplasmosis.

Pharmgate launches Deracin medicated cattle feed
Deracin is readily absorbed to quickly reach effective blood and lung concentrations, according to the manufacturer.

Pharmgate Animal Health has released medicated feed formulated to control bovine respiratory disease and anaplasmosis in cattle.

The Wilmington, North Carolina, company is promoting Deracin (chlortetracycline) as a generic equivalent to Zoetis’ Aureomycin.

“Deracin gives producers and veterinarians a choice in products without the need to change treatment protocols or wonder if it will work,” said Colin Gray, Pharmgate’s president and CEO.

Pharmgate described Deracin having “combination clearances to be fed with Bovatec or Deccox. It can be top dressed in cattle feeds or fed to cattle on pasture with Blue Bird free-choice mineral formulas.”

Deracin falls under a veterinary feed directive, which means a veterinarian must supervise its use.

Pharmgate’s parent company, Jinhe Biotechnology Co., is a leading producer of chlortetracycline, the active ingredient in Deracin.

“Being the basic manufacturer gives us control over this product from start to finish, allowing us to deliver a product of superior quality,” Gray said.

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